Known as the "Galactic Fairy", Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy fleet who constantly tops music charts, leading people to say that it was impossible not to hear her songs if you lived in this galaxy. As such, her popularity was soaring just as high in the Galaxy's sister fleet, Macross Frontier. Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person.Sheryl recognizes the singing talent of Ranka Lee and often offers to help her 'behind the scenes' to realize her dream of singing.

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Koyuki is cosplaying Meiko of Vocaloid.

MEIKO  is the first Japanese vocaloid and first Japanese female Vocaloid, she utilizes the Vocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA. Her voice is provdied by the Japanese female singer Haigō Meiko (拝郷 メイコ). The illustration was done by Shogo Washizu, who is often called わっしー(Wasshi) and was once a member of Crypton.

PHOTO by Kojima; Please do not steal pictures without permission.


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