Ahora tengo que escribir 7 cosas sobre mí y otorgarlo a 10 personas :
(Write 7 things about yourself and then grant it to 10 people:)


1. I love Cosplay especially cosplayers like Koyuki, Kipi, Saya, Namada, Alodia and TEN.
2. I love to watch anime and reading online manga
3. Im a Lunatic Person
4. I like JPOP and KPOP!
5. Homebody Person
6. Although Ophiuchus added on the Zodiac Sign, still a Taurus Girl.
7. Like spending time making Photoshop Arts

Les doy el premio a los siguientes blog:

- Midori Kanda Blog (Miharuuh)
- Alodia Gosiengfiao (Bluebbie)
- Wakame Fan Blog (Kanata)
- Iori Fan Blog (hini)
- Kipi Fan Blog (Tifa)
- Saya Fan Blog (hana)
- Sakuya (koizumi)
- Pinky Retrotika (Haruko)
- Yun Kousaka (Moe)
- Wakame (kanata)
- Rinami Blog (Kaori)

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